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12 Holiday Parties: Laundry Tips for Holiday Spills and Splashes

Are you partied-out this holiday season? Have your finest party items endured as well? Even the heartiest holiday reveler must pause to deal with an occasional party mishap or clothing care decision. Take heed of these clothing care tips and chances are you’ll be ready to ring in the New Year!

Before the first holiday party, my closet said to me, “Why not wear this cheery red wool suit?” But when I put on I was crushed by how crushed it was. What’s a quick rejuvenation for wool?

Tip: Hang it in a steamy bathroom. The moisture from the steam will remove the wrinkles.


pouring red wine in holiday party



At the second holiday party, my boss said to me, “Please forgive me, I just spilled wine on your beautiful silk blouse.” Should I take care of the spot immediately? How?

Tip: Blot it, don’t rub. Light areas can develop from rubbing which cleaning may not be able to remove. Bring it to us as soon as possible.


woman in sequined dressBefore the third holiday party, my best friend said to me, “That’s a dazzling sequin outfit.” But how am I going to keep the sequins from falling off?

Tip: If the sequins are sewn on rather than glued on, the risk of losing some of that glitter is minimal. Best to check before purchasing.


Before the fourth holiday party, my silk dress said to me, “Please be delicate when you iron me.” How should I respond?

Tip: Wrinkles should fall out of silk if allowed to hang properly. If ironing seems necessary, iron on a low temperature, 250-300 degrees.


Before the fifth holiday party, my husband said to me, “Do you know if your new rhinestone sweater can be cleaned?” Should I risk the rhinestones?

Tip: Be particularly careful when purchasing garments adorned with rhinestones or other jewelry. Bring it to a dry cleaner before wearing to spot test for cleanability and colorfastness. If you are not satisfied with the results, return it.


Before the sixth holiday party, my neighbor said to me, “My white leather slacks are wrinkled.” I’m pressed for an answer, what should I say?

Tip: Press leather by placing white press cloth over the item and pressing quickly with a cool iron.


After the seventh holiday party, my cousin said to me, “My suede outfit got soaked in the rain.” How do I handle soaked suede?

Tip: Hang it out to dry. Do not use a blow dryer or heater. When dry, brush with a stiff brush.


folded knit sweatersAfter the eighth holiday party, my daughter said to me, “Do I hang up my knit sweater and skirt outfit or should I fold it?” For once she wants my advice!

Tip: Keep knits in good shape by storing and cleaning them properly. Keep sweaters folded loosely with lots of room to breathe. If you must hang it up, fold it over a crossbar. Never hang like a shirt on a wire hanger – this will stretch it.


After the ninth holiday party, my sister said to me, “I’m sorry my baby drooled on your red velvet dress.” How do I remove milk stains, not to mention the baby?

Tip: Blot it gently and bring it to us. Crushed areas of wear can be improved by lightly brushing with a soft brush. As for the baby, don’t pick him up when you have on a velvet dress!


Before the tenth holiday party, my neighbor said to me, “Don’t wear your gold lame cocktail dress to a crowded party in a hot room.” What’s so bad about that?

Tip: Partygoers need to be particularly careful of metallic fabric that can corrode if exposed to moisture. To prevent dampness to lame and other metallics, be sure to wear underarm shields that will help prolong the life and looks of your special outfit.


After the eleventh holiday party, my mother said to me, “How are you going to clean your new beaded top after the soiree?” Good question!

Tip: The beads on many outfits are made of polystyrene, which looks like glass. Polystyrene should not be dry cleaned but washed as long as it is attached to a garment that is washable.


woman in fur coatAt the twelfth holiday party, my father said to me, “You’ll look gorgeous in this new fur, just be sure to care for it well.” How do I protect this investment?

Tip: Furs, leathers, and suedes should be kept clean by keeping them covered with a cloth, not a plastic, garment bag. Each should be cleaned annually by a drycleaner who specializes in cleaning furs. Special storage facilities are recommended for seasonal storage of furs. Ask us about storage.

Now, enjoy the rest of the holiday season!


How to Clean Scarves

Winter is just around the corner. With the average temperature in Boston below 45° during this time of year, it’s time to get your scarves and mittens out of storage.

A scarf is not only an accessory that can jazz up an average outfit, but it’s a  practical one that can keep you warm. However, when was the last time you cleaned your scarves?

This guide will discuss how to clean scarfs of different materials. We’ll also go over the best place for clearing a scarf in Boston.

man wearing scarf

Tips for Cleaning Scarves

Scarves are typically worn around a bare neck and close to your face. You should clean them at least once a month to get rid of food particles, dead skin cells, and smudged cosmetics.

Below are some ways you can clean scarves of different materials.

Silk Scarf

Silk scarves can be a pricy investment. If you take care of them properly, they can last for many years. Whatever you do, don’t put them in the washing machine.

Some silk scarves might say “dry-clean only” on the label. While you can clean them yourself, taking them to an experienced dry cleaner in Boston might be your best option.

You can use a gentle stain remover to get rid of any stains before you wash your scarf. Then, fill your kitchen sink with cold water and detergent. Submerge your scarf and let it soak for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Don’t twist or wring dry. Lay the scarf flat on a clean surface. Steam iron to get rid of any wrinkles.

Viscose or Wool Scarf

To clean a wool or viscose scarf, hand wash it in cold water using a gentle detergent. Create suds in the water by kneading your scarf, letting it soak for around 15 minutes.

Rinse the scarf in cold water. Gently wring it to get rid of excess water. Lay it flat to dry.

It’s crucial to lay most scarves flat to dry instead of hanging. Hanging can stretch out the fabric, ruining your scarf.

Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere scarfs are one of the most luxurious items you can purchase. To keep your cashmere scarf clean, soak it in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. You can even use baby shampoo.

Soak the scarf for around five minutes and thoroughly rinse. Then, roll it into a towel to remove excess water. Lay it flat to dry.

Polyester Scarf

Polyester is one of the easiest fabrics to clean. Read the care label to see if it says you can machine wash it. If it is machine washable, wash it in lukewarm water on the gentle cycle.

If you’re concerned about putting it in the washing machine, you can hand wash it in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. No matter what way you wash it, don’t put it in the dryer after. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Bring Your Scarves to Utopia Cleaners

Keeping a scarf clean in Boston is essential to ensure your scarf looks good for many years to come. Just like any other piece of clothing, it needs to get cleaned and treated with care. Sometimes taking it to a professional rather than cleaning it yourself is your safest option to ensure you don’t ruin the fabric.

Contact us today to learn more about our dry cleaning and laundry services.

How to Properly Care for Bamboo Clothing and Bedding

There are many benefits to wearing bamboo clothing, including that it is both comfortable and sustainable. When you’ve enjoyed the softness and a small carbon footprint of bamboo clothing, you may wonder: What’s the best method for washing and caring for bamboo clothing?

Bamboo clothing care instructions

There is no single method for washing and caring for your garments. Part of the reason washers and dryers feature so many settings is to help with this. Cotton articles need to be cleaned one way, and linen items need to be washed another.

As much as or more than the fabric’s weight and weave determines the washing instructions. Delicate and lacy garments need particular care, while heavier canvas and denim will require another.

To that end, most garments and textiles respond best to washing at lower temperatures and drying as quickly as possible. This is why a laundry service can help ease the stress of finding the proper wash method for all your different bamboo clothing pieces.

bamboo clothing
When checking fabric labels and care instructions for soft-touch garments and certain brands of silky smooth materials, it may surprise you to learn that the fabric is made of bamboo. But how do you wash bamboo clothing and linens to keep them soft and smooth?

How To Clean Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo bedding helps you maintain your ideal body temperature all night long by working with your body and not against it. While it’s great for moisture-wicking, it does need to be cleaned regularly and with special care.

  • Firstly, bamboo bedding should always be washed in cold water with a temperature of 30°C maximum and on a gentle cycle.
  • Since zippers, hooks, etc., can cause pilling or abrasion, it is imperative to wash bamboo linens and bedding separately.
  • Bamboo bedding should not be washed with towels or blankets unless you like lint.
  • It is recommended that you line dry your bamboo bedding to maintain fibres, colors, and elasticity. If you need to use the dryer, select a low heat setting and a low tumble cycle. After the dryer has finished, take out the bedding as soon as possible to prevent wrinkles.

Most home washing machines and dryers lack the space needed for comforters and duvets. Professional cleaners with household item cleaning services can help if your home machines are too small for the job.

Utopia Cleaners

Look no further if you need professional laundry services for your bamboo clothes and bedding or dry cleaning services. Utopia Cleaners serves the Greater Boston, Massachusetts community as an innovative, environmentally conscious laundry and dry cleaning company.

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