How to Properly Care for Bamboo Clothing and Bedding

October 05, 2021

There are many benefits to wearing bamboo clothing, including that it is both comfortable and sustainable. When you’ve enjoyed the softness and a small carbon footprint of bamboo clothing, you may wonder: What’s the best method for washing and caring for bamboo clothing?

Bamboo clothing care instructions

There is no single method for washing and caring for your garments. Part of the reason washers and dryers feature so many settings is to help with this. Cotton articles need to be cleaned one way, and linen items need to be washed another.

As much as or more than the fabric’s weight and weave determines the washing instructions. Delicate and lacy garments need particular care, while heavier canvas and denim will require another.

To that end, most garments and textiles respond best to washing at lower temperatures and drying as quickly as possible. This is why a laundry service can help ease the stress of finding the proper wash method for all your different bamboo clothing pieces.

bamboo clothing
When checking fabric labels and care instructions for soft-touch garments and certain brands of silky smooth materials, it may surprise you to learn that the fabric is made of bamboo. But how do you wash bamboo clothing and linens to keep them soft and smooth?

How To Clean Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo bedding helps you maintain your ideal body temperature all night long by working with your body and not against it. While it’s great for moisture-wicking, it does need to be cleaned regularly and with special care.

  • Firstly, bamboo bedding should always be washed in cold water with a temperature of 30°C maximum and on a gentle cycle.
  • Since zippers, hooks, etc., can cause pilling or abrasion, it is imperative to wash bamboo linens and bedding separately.
  • Bamboo bedding should not be washed with towels or blankets unless you like lint.
  • It is recommended that you line dry your bamboo bedding to maintain fibres, colors, and elasticity. If you need to use the dryer, select a low heat setting and a low tumble cycle. After the dryer has finished, take out the bedding as soon as possible to prevent wrinkles.

Most home washing machines and dryers lack the space needed for comforters and duvets. Professional cleaners with household item cleaning services can help if your home machines are too small for the job.

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