About Utopia Cleaners

Utopia Cleaners is an innovative environmentally-friendly laundry and dry cleaner that serves the Greater Boston community. Utopia Cleaners process laundry and dry cleaning at its own processing plant in Arlington, MA.

The owner of Utopia Cleaners, Myeong Ho Lowe, is an early adopter of the eco-friendly garment cleaning process called wet cleaning, which replaces perc with water and biodegradable detergents. He experimented and perfected the wet cleaning system at his processing plant in Arlington, MA. As a result, workers there are no longer exposed to perc, and hazardous wastes and air emissions are no longer produced.

In 2019, Utopia Cleaners introduced an environmentally-friendly soap that can remove germs from dirty laundry such as sick bed linens, stained garments and underwear.

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Dry cleaner in Boston

In 2018, Utopia Cleaners built new stores in the North End, South End and Financial District, adding to its existing stores in Arlington, Newton and Woburn.

Utopia Cleaners’ laundry pickup and delivery areas has also been extended to include Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Arlington, Belmont, Woburn, Winchester and surrounding areas.