Germ-free wash/dry/fold – a valuable service during COVID-19

My building is undergoing renovations, which means no basement (laundry) access so I’ve been using Utopia since before the arrival of COVID-19 for germ-free wash/dry/fold. I truly appreciate that they were able to continue to provide a valuable service during the pandemic. They pick up and deliver on time and their prices are reasonable… I can highly recommend them.

Sheri Y. on Google

Sparkling clean, neatly folded and reasonable prices!

Lifesavers, no doubt. They have a key to my house, they pick up my laundry and bring it back sparkling clean and neatly folded, sometimes on the same day!!!! I’ve been using them for about three years and they have never so much as lost a single sock!!! Totally reasonable prices too- I feel like it costs the same if I go to the laundry mat and do it myself!!!!

Francene A.

Always pleasant, great experience

Great customer service great quality the 2 women working there are always pleasant great experience.

Robert C.

Can’t ask for a better dry cleaner!

They completely cleaned my two dirty lab coats, even the sweat stains around the collar that I thought I was stuck with. And they had it all done a day before I was actually supposed to pick them up. Can’t ask for a better dry cleaner. I will do business with them in the future.

Ben R.

My favorite dry cleaner

Utopia Cleaners is one of my favorite family- run businesses in Arlington. Wonderful people! Excellent dry cleaning/wash fold services!

Meghan B. on Google

Quick, nice and courteous

Utopia always does a great job with my clothes. I wear a suit and tie every day and can rely on Utopia to get my dry cleaning done quickly and with great quality. I drop off quickly so I never really see anyone, but during pick-up they are always nice and courteous.

Devin A.

Look like a million dollars!

Kudos to the good folks at @UtopiaCleaners for making my gameday suits look like a million dollars!

@RetroKeithRicci on Twitter

Seamstress worked a small miracle!

Utopia’s (Bedford St) seamstress worked a small miracle for me. If you’re in Boston and need alterations, I highly recommend.

@TheJackieRyan on Twitter

Excellent quality, nice staff!

Counter staff always nice and qualities of clothes cleaning excellent!!!

Diana L.

Super friendly people and good service. Been going for years.

Philip J.

Best customer service in Boston!

Thank you so much. I have tried other cleaners and they simply do not compare to you. The girl that runs your store on Atlantic Ave. in Boston is the best, she provides the best customer service in all of Boston, hands down…..

Maureen Mahoney
The Oceanaire Seafood Room

Customer service still exists.

My friend dropped off a pair of pants on Friday to have a button fixed and they said it would be ready in an hour. We went out for a few beers and an hour turned into a few hours so when he went back they were closed. I was in Boston today and my friend asked if I could go by to pick them up. I stopped by and picked up the pants and when I tried to pay the gentleman would not take my money and said “it’s just a button don’t worry about it” I am not worried about the couple of bucks that it would have cost me but thought it was really nice that he did not charge.

Sue B. on Yelp

Genuine concern, ability to deliver

Having worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years, I can speak to the topic of service quality with a degree of authority. My experience with you and your team during this period of disruption to my home office and personal belongings was a pleasure. Your genuine concern, your ability to over deliver on your promises and being a man of your word are unique qualities that will always win the affections of your customers.

To top it off… you hit the “home run” of service delivery by taking the extra step of reimbursing me for a favorite shirt and taking time to personally stop by my home to shake my hand and say thank you!

A truly satisfied customer,
Joe R.

Above and Beyond Service

I cannot properly express how much I appreciate your help shipping my dress to Florida for a wedding I am attending on Saturday. If I am missing any information please do not hesitate to contact me at the number below…..Items in order: 2 dresses one violet from Calypso and one black dress with a beaded neckline from white house black market. Technically I only need the black dress but if it’s easier to send them both, I understand.
Ken, I humbled by your above and beyond for service. I

With gratitude,
Lauren G.

Utopia Cleaners always consistent

Great pick up and delivery. Always on time with clothes. professional quality. good customer service. Always my first choice for dry cleaners.

kelse a.

Best Dry Cleaner

You don’t overpress the clothing which helps a lot. For more expensive items, I do upgrade to Classic Care….it’s worth it. Richard is the best! He is always pleasant and is efficient and organized. He coordinates the alteration work with the cleaning….and items are always ready on time.

Sharon M.

Everything comes back immaculate

No matter what type of clothing I left for dry cleaning, everything comes back immaculate, smelling wonderfully and perfectly ironed on the perch. I can’t wait to wear it, it looks like brand new!!!

Laura F.

Great job with stain removal

They do a great job with really tough stains… I ruined a dress with an iron and told them i was going to donate it if they couldn’t get the stain out, so i signed a waiver and luckily they were able to remove the stain.

boston02116 on Google

Fantastic job with alterations

I picked up the dress I got altered here, and they did a fantastic job. I just had it taken in–a dress that was about 3 sizes too big for me–but it now fits perfectly. Would definitely consider using them for small alterations again. Friendly people and I’m happy with the work they did on my dress. It cost me $35 for the alteration, so it wasn’t too expensive.

Ellie W., Boston, MA (Yelp)

Great shirt laundry

Mostly I just get my husbands shirts cleaned. I usually have trouble with his collars but you guys do a great job! And he’s picky!

Annette B.

Nice job

I like this place I take some of my work clothes here that are gentle washing material and they do a great job really they do. I feel that they care whether your clothes come out good or not and they do a great job cause they care. They have been in business for a long time and they never have mad customers here. I will stay with them till the day they close up this place but i know they wont.

Paula g.

Clean, crisp and new

I love this place they do my suits once a week and they have given me a deal. If I bring in more than 5 pieces they give me 5 bucks off. They have done it a few times. I like the way the suits come out nice and pressed look great. The clothes that dry clean for me look clean, crisp, and new.

Pam d.

Not a wrinkle on the suits

I have brought suits to be dry cleaned at Utopia Cleaners several times. They have always done a great job cleaning the suits. They come back clean and there is not a wrinkle to be found on the suits. The shirt collars are always starched very nicely. I always get my dry cleaning back very quickly. The staff has always been pleasant and the price is good.

Amelia L.

Driver is pleasant and courteous

I use Utopia Cleaners to pick up my cleaning because it is convenient with fast turnaround. Quality of work is excellent and driver is pleasant and courteous.

PhatDaddy on Google

Convenient same day dry cleaning

I went here when I had to have two interview dresses dry-cleaned for an interview. They allowed me to pick up one dress and change into it before my interview (they have a little screened off area), and I came back later in the day to pick up the other dress and pay! How easy is that! And the dry-cleaning quality was great to boot.

Leah K. on Yelp.

Dress alterations fast and fit

I brought in my bridesmaid dress which has a two layer skirt of satin with chiffon on the outside, he hemmed this and also he brought in the bodice, which was three layers of fabric including chiffon ruching on the outside and a built in soft inner corset. The adjustments were pretty much spot on and done quickly, he noticed right away that the bodice was too big even when I had plans to just stuff the top of this strapless dress. It never would have stayed up, it feels so much better now since it actually fits! Jean is the tailor who altered my dress, he offered a really great deal and it was ready in three days.

abby c. on Yelp

From a loyal customer

I have been going here for over 5 years, and never once have they lost or damaged any item of clothing or failed to get a stain out. The woman behind the counter not only is pleasant and helpful, but friendly, and the reason that many customers, like me, are so loyal and keep coming back. There are a number of dry cleaners in the immediate area, and so this one must be doing something right to be so busy all the time.

John B. on Yelp.

Delivered on time literally to my desk!

Wonderful! Maria is a doll. I needed my suits done by a certain time and they delivered. Literally, to my desk at my office. Would use again.

Jennifer R. on Yelp

Excellent tailoring and incredibly friendly

They did an excellent job of tailoring a pair of jeans for me – you can’t tell that the stitching isn’t original. The price ($22) was just about what I would expect to pay. Plus they were incredibly friendly. Highly recommended..

Tom E. on Yelp.

Honest advice

I go here with confidence. Everything I’ve taken in has been cleaned perfectly. I’ve even had some instances where I ask about an item for possible cleaning and they’ve been upfront with a likely negative outcome. They actually think about their work instead of just accepting everything to make a quick buck.

Anie H. on Yelp