Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Pickup & Delivery
Cambridge, MA

weekdays 8am-8pm

Utopia Cleaners laundry pickup truck

Laundry can be carefree and convenient when you leave it to the professionals at Utopia Cleaners. Our free laundry pickup and delivery service enables you to have  the time to do whatever you really want to do.

We will pick up your laundry from your home or office, clean them and deliver them back in two business days.

You will always be dressed in fresh, clean clothes and you’ll have more time to for the important things in life!

Everyday Low Prices!

Shirts (folded) 4.25 (5.25)
Blouses, jackets, skirts, sweaters, pants 9.95
Dresses and suits 22.96
Coats 25.57
Laundry – Wash, dry & fold 2.75 per lb.
Germ-free laundry service 3.00 per lb.

Utopia Cleaners Coupon 20 percent off laundry delivery

Be a VIP!

VIP Rewards Program. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service.

As our laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery customer, you will get

  • VIP Rewards Club Membership ($5 off coupon for every $100 spent)
  • Two free eco-friendly garment bags for your laundry
  • Automatic billing to your credit card
  • Personalized clothing care (how you like your shirts laundered)
  • Personal attention by your driver.

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    Pickup and delivery service is available Monday through Friday only.
    Delivery usually takes 2 business days from the pickup date.
    Minimum order: 3 pieces of dry cleaning or 5 shirts or 15 lbs of laundry.

    Please note that pick up areas are limited. If you cannot find your city, please give us a call.

    I am a new customer. Please send me a welcome kit and 20% off coupon.