Shirt Laundry

Boston, Arlington, Newton, Woburn

Shirt Laundry

A clean, well pressed shirt is an essential part of a perfect professional look. When you bring your dress shirt to Utopia Cleaners, our professionally trained cleaners will launder it following the care labels on your shirt. All stains will be removed before it is washed. You can request to use starch, or not use it. Whites will be white and colors will be bright.

Your shirt will be pressed with our state of the art equipment. Cuffs and collars will be smooth and crisp. We’ll check all the buttons on your shirt, tighten loose buttons and replace any missing or broken ones free of charge. All buttons that we have repaired or replaced will have a tag on the button so that you know that this work had been done.

We will cross the sleeves in front with a clip to reduce wrinkles. We will also use a collar saver to reduce the risk of a crushed collar.

You can choose to have the cleaned shirt neatly folded into a bag, or be placed on a hanger.

For the best quality shirt laundry service in Greater Boston, look no further than Utopia Cleaners.  Visit our stores or schedule a pickup and delivery service today!