Caring for Metallic Fabrics

May 27, 2015

Silver and gold metallic fabrics are popular in women’s attire. Metallic fabric is made by spraying a metallic finish on the surface of a cloth fabric. Many of these surface finishes have limited resistance to care procedures and wear. The metallic finish may be removed or corroded and discolored around the neck and underarm area from the effects of perspiration and body contact. Since the fabrics are often very sheer,
they are easily snagged or abraded by jewelry or rough edges of furniture.

woman in metallic dressIt is important to have this type of garment cleaned immediately after wear so stains and soils can be removed before they start to react adversely with the surface finish. Over time the extended effects of fruit juice acids, soft drinks, and mixed drinks can cause a discoloring or bleaching effect on some of the metallic coatings.

Although most of these items carry “dry clean only” labels, it is possible that the surfaces of the silver and gold finishes may lose their color in dry cleaning. If this occurs, the garment will have to be returned to the retailer.

To find out whether your metallic garment can be cleaned, please take it to one of our stores, or specify Classic Care when using our pickup and delivery service.

Photo credit: Yann