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Caring for rayon clothing

May 16, 2015

Special Care Tips For Rayon

Rayon (Man-Made Cellulose)

Other Common Names: Viscose, Lyocell, Tencel

Source: Wood pulp


  • Beautiful, brilliant colors
  • Luxurious silk-like fabric


  • Due to bright colors, dye fading may occur when cleaned
  • Bright colors fade readily to sunlight
  • Water spots or rings develop readily due to sizings in fabric
  • If washed, fabric may feel limp

General Care:

  • Usually dry cleanable in any solvent
  • If hand washing, do not twist or wring to remove moisture
  • Partial tumble dry at low temperatures, followed by air-dry to minimize shrinkage.


Even weak acids solutions can readily discolor the dyes on rayon fibers. This includes many skin care products, deodorants, and perspiration.

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