Use a Mesh Bag for Delicate Clothing

April 27, 2018

mesh bag for laundryWashing your delicates in a washing machine can be risky. They can come out with holes, snags and tears.That’s why manufacturers often recommend that they be handwashed. While not a fool proof option, using a mesh bag to wash delicates can protect them from the maw of washing machines, reducing the risk of damage and making them last longer.

Mesh bags create a barrier between your clothes, reducing the amount of friction, and guarding against snagging from buttons, hooks, and other pieces of clothing. It is best to put only one or two items in each mesh bag so that there is sufficient water flow to get the same effect as if they were loose. Using a mesh bag this way can also reduce pilling of your sweaters and synthetics.

Mesh bags can also be used to separate items that have to be hung or laid flat to dry. You can even use them to wash sneakers.

If you use a front load washer, a mesh bag can even save you a hefty repair bill. Sometimes small items such as socks or pocket debris can get trapped inside the washer in very hard to reach places and even the pump. When that happens, you’ll need to call a qualified technician to clear the pump.

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