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Caring for Viscose and Rayon Clothing

Viscose and rayon are often used interchangeably to refer to the same type of fabric. Rayon is a general term that encompasses several types of cellulose-based fibers, and viscose is a specific type of rayon. Viscose is a popular form of rayon that is made from regenerated cellulose fibers. It is produced by dissolving cellulose

Caring for rayon clothing

Special Care Tips For Rayon Rayon (Man-Made Cellulose) Other Common Names: Viscose, Lyocell, Tencel Source: Wood pulp Benefits: Beautiful, brilliant colors Luxurious silk-like fabric Precautions: Due to bright colors, dye fading may occur when cleaned Bright colors fade readily to sunlight Water spots or rings develop readily due to sizings in fabric If washed, fabric may feel

Special Care for Silk and Rayon

Silk and rayon are two widely used fibers in men’s and women’s apparel. In today’s markets, these fabrics can be seen in high-end designer wear, as well as casual wear. Both fibers may be dyed various colors, from the darkest black to brilliant reds, fuchsia, and yellow. Follow the tips below to make sure your