Preventing Everyday Mildew on your Clothing

May 13, 2017

A typical New England summer features a lot of humidity and that creates the perfect conditions for mildew growth. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your clothes from growing mildew.

Mildew on clothingThe key to preventing mildew is to avoid storing soiled articles in damp conditions. Don’t let dirty clothing lie around damp or wet. Damp, dirty laundry should not be stored in a pile or in a clothes hamper. Keep soiled clothes dry and clean them as soon as possible. Put them away only when they are totally dry.

Washing and/or dry cleaning clothes before storing them prevents mildew. Soiled garments are more likely to mildew than clean ones.  Store clothes for long periods of time only when they are clean, dry, and unstarched.

Make sure to dry the washed items quickly and thoroughly. Slow drying can encourage mildew growth.

Keep your closets, bathrooms, dresser drawers, basements and any other storage areas clean and dry. Prevent high humidity in the storage areas with good ventilation, air conditioning, and/or a dehumidifier.  Leave a little room between items in the closet so air can circulate. Try leaving an incandescent light bulb on in the closet or storage area to help keep the air dry. Be sure to place the bulb far enough from the clothing to avoid danger of fire.

Exposing garments to air and sun can help prevent mildew. When you have a break in the humidity, take advantage of the warm, dry days to air out those stored garments in the sun and air out the closet too.

Correct any causes of excessive dampness in the house. Any problems with drainage, waterproofing or caulking should be corrected immediately.

To avoid mildew growth on your clothing, take advantage of Utopia Cleaners’ off-season garment storage service. We will always launder or dry clean your garments before storage so that your garments will be at their best when you retrieve them next season at our Tremont Street Dry Cleaners or Bedford Street Dry Cleaners. in downtown Boston, or our dry cleaners in Newton, Woburn or Arlington.