Staying Current with Men’s Officewear

September 25, 2016

In the age of the “power suit” and the short attention span, wearing
something that is uncomfortable or makes a man look comical can spoil a
meeting and take the focus from “this year’s projected growth” to “Oh,
my, what is he wearing?”

With so many different types of clothing
now becoming acceptable in the office, men have to decide on what to
buy to help them stay current. With the new choices come new problems,
as well. Some of the new styles of clothing don’t work well together,
like soft collars and stiff jackets.

Some things to look out for
are shirts that don’t work with jackets, cufflinks that are too small,
and ties that won’t last. Also, take a look at the care label to see if
washing the item will present a problem.

If you plan to wear some
new purchases with old favorites, think of how they will work together
before buying. Another good idea is to shop with someone else to provide
input. Sometimes you never know how you will look in something until
you try it on.

Some manufacturers are using stretchy material in
their products, which can make men appear bigger than they are. Some
suit companies are making suits with longer jackets, which can make the
wearer look shorter.