Look your best on the slopes!

January 09, 2022

Ski apparel worn by skiiers Instead of sulking over the brutal snowy winter in Boston, how about embracing it with some fun activities such as snowboarding or skiing?

Whether you are spending a ski weekend in New Hampshire or perhaps the Blue Hills ski area just outside Boston, your ski jackets, pants and gloves do get soiled at the end of the day.

Ski apparel is often waterproof or water resistant, and using your everyday laundry detergent may damage its water repellency.  If your ski wear is soiled in some areas, spot clean it with water and mild soap. You may also try an in-wash waterproofing product – make sure it’s for clothing, not tents or sleeping bags. After washing and rinsing in the washing machine, run the ski apparel through a second wash cycle using an in-wash waterproofing solution. Use cold water, and make sure there are no other clothes in the washer. After washing, do not put your ski clothing in the dryer. It should be air dried on sturdy hangers. Also make sure that the ski clothes are not hung near direct sunlight or a heat source.

For heavily soiled ski apparel, or after many uses, it would be best to have it professionally cleaned. Boston dry cleaner Utopia Cleaners serves the Greater Boston area and will clean your ski garments and reproof them so that you always look great and feel comfortable wearing them on the slopes. Don’t forget to check our coupons page in the Winter/Spring season for special offers for dry cleaning ski apparel.

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