How do you remove stains caused by cough syrup and other medicines?

November 06, 2017

baby taking cough syrupYou’re sick with a cough or cold, but you have to go to work because those office deadlines won’t wait. Or you cut yourself and need some first aid. Then you spill cough syrup, topical ointment, or cream on one of your favorite outfits. Here’s a quick fix until you can get the garment to the dry cleaner or home to wash: blot as much of the stain as possible with an absorbent cloth or paper towel.

Cough syrup stains on washable garments will usually come out with a laundry pre-treatment product. After washing, check the stained area before tumble drying. If traces of the stain remain, an all-fabric bleach may help.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Stains from some products will usually come out with thorough rinsing in cool water. Topical ointments or creams will usually be removed by treating with a laundry pre-treatment product and washing with a laundry detergent containing enzymes at the hottest water temperature that is safe for the fabric.

Remember to always test in an unexposed area of the garment to make sure the fabric color will not be damaged by any stain removal products you will be using.

For dry cleanable garments, bring them to your nearest Utopia Cleaners as soon as possible. Because of the nature of some dyes and fibers, some medicinal stains may be impossible to remove completely.

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