Help for laundry that isn’t so clean

January 09, 2016

Poor cleaning of garments after laundering can result from several factors. Failing to sort loads properly, overloading the washer, not pre-treating stains and soils, or not using enough detergent can all result in poor cleaning.

soiled jeansYou can also improve cleaning performance by following these tips:

  • Soak soiled and stained items in cold water prior to the wash cycle to improve cleaning results.
  • Use the double wash feature (if available) to clean heavily soiled items without having to pre-treat stained areas.
  • Choose the correct detergent. Granular detergents are best for hard water conditions, while liquid detergents dissolve better in cold water conditions.
  • Use extra detergent. For heavily soiled clothes, extra large loads, or hard water, use more than the recommended amount of detergent. Remember to use caution when laundering dark loads.
  • If the care label does not contain special instructions regarding water temperature, use hot water whenever possible. Hot water is best for most white fabrics and heavily soiled, colored fabrics. Warm water works well for cleaning most other clothes, while cold water is recommended only for very lightly soiled or brightly colored garments.
  • If using bleach, such as chlorine bleach or “all fabric” bleach, remember to test the fabric for colorfastness. Simply place some bleach on a cotton swab and hold it on an innocuous area of the garment, such as an inner seam, for a few minutes to see if any color comes out on the swab.

We are always here to help you with your laundry, whether it’s dirty, not so dirty or very dirty. Don’t hesitate to call on us!