Putting winter clothes in storage

March 06, 2020

Spring is coming soon and it’s time to pack away the wool coats, furs, leather jackets, sweaters, gloves and hats that have protected us through this past winter. But wait a minute! Before you put your off-season garments in storage, you should clean them first!  Particles left on your winter clothing can stain and set in after several months of storage, and moths may feast on the dirty fabrics. Don’t iron your clothes either, because ironing may weaken the fabric and as a result, your clothes may tear along the creases.

clothes in plastic boxes

Use plastic boxes for storing clothes, as they are waterproof and can protect your clothing from insects better than cardboard boxes.  You may also use vacuum-packed bags which can protect your clothing from dirt, moisture, mold and bugs. Note, however, that wool and other natural fabrics need to breathe, so their containers should not be airtight. Storage boxes should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and heat, and preferably not on the floor.

For valuable garments such as wedding dresses and christening gowns which require long term storage, you should take them to your trusted Boston dry cleaner, Utopia Cleaners, for professional cleaning and preservation.

Save time by bringing your off-season clothing to our dry cleaners, or put them in your VIP bag and schedule a free dry cleaning delivery service by calling 617-695-3778. We’ll clean and press them, and then put them in cool, dry storage so that next winter you will have them ready to wear.