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Preventing and Treating the Ring Around the Collar

November 30, 2015


This detergent commercial from the 70s addresses one of the most common garment stains that we all experience – ring around the collar. “Ring around the collar” or cuffs is caused by a combination of body oil and daily soil. To prevent ring around the collar, avoid using too much cosmetics or fragrances around your neck.  Use products that are designed to prevent dirty collars, such as collar guards and adhesive absorbent tape which act as a physical barrier between the neck and the collar. You can also wear mock neck undershirts to avoid contact with the shirt collar.

Wash your shirts after each wearing, especially white and pastel color shirts. If you wear your shirts multiple times between washes, the body heat generated from the second wearing can set in stains from the first wearing.  Collars may look clean after the first wearing but oils may be invisible until heat is applied. 

Many sprays and pretreaters are available in the stores for removing ring around the collar.  Since the ring may contain sweat, colognes, grease and whatever else, no one product is good for all. Some pretreaters may even set in the stain. That is why you should bring it to Sarni Cleaners. We will pretreat the ring with one or more formulas that will either remove or lighten, but definitely not set in the stain.