Keeping Coats, Jackets, and Blazers in Top Condition

March 06, 2022

While your favorite coat may be keeping you warm this month, we all have jackets and blazers that we use through the year and these pieces of clothing can take a beating. The care method for a coat will depend on its fiber content. For example, coats made of wool, leather, and suede may require more care than coats made of other fibers.

For the most part, follow these tips to help keep your coats looking great year round:woman in winter coat

  • Wear scarves to avoid soiling the collar, especially for leather and suede coats. Oily stains from hair and skin preparations can permanently stain some fabrics.
  • Clean the coat whenever it is soiled. For wool coats, brush with a soft suede brush after each use. Brushing removes surface soil and lint. Blot spills with a paper towel or absorbent cloth immediately to absorb the moisture. Do not rub. Rubbing will push the spill deeper into the fabric.
  • If you are washing your coats at home, the washing cycle you will use is very important and is unique to what each coat is made from. Wool coats, down coats and vests should be washed using the gentle cycle. Fleece coats, garments, waterproof coats and vinyl coats should be washed using the permanent-press cycle, while faux fur coats and leather jackets should only be hand-washed. For best results when hand-washing your coats, be sure to treat any stains on the coat before you move forward with hand-washing it.
  • Do not wash natural fur coats and sued coats at home. These types of coats need to be cleaned by professionals who specialize in caring for fur and sued coats. Contact your local dry cleaner, Utopia Cleaners, when you need your fur coat or sued coat cleaned.
  • Before you clean your coat at home, make sure all buttons are secured and the coat is zipped up to avoid snags or tears when it is being washed.
  • Whenever cleaning, always remember to follow the instructions on the care label. The care label tells you what the correct temperature of water should be, which washing cycle to use and if the coat can be tumble dried or if it should be air dried only. If you do not care for the coat properly, irreversible damage could be done to the coat. When in doubt, ask your Boston dry cleaner, Utopia Cleaners.
  • Make an effort to clean the coat once during the season and again before storing.
  • When storing, hang your coat on a padded hanger in a well-ventilated closet. Avoid hanging a coat by its neck on a coat rack. For off season storage, place it in a garment bag. This will help to prevent insect bites.

Coats, blazers and jackets are usually expensive garments. Keeping them in top condition will not only safeguard your investment and avoid having to buy new ones, you will also look impressive and outstanding in them.

Utopia Cleaners serves customers in the Greater Boston area. Bring your coats and jackets to our dry cleaners or schedule a dry cleaning pickup today!

Photo by Asiya Kiev on Unsplash