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How to Speed Up Laundry Day

March 11, 2018

Laundry always seems to take too long. Each step — sort, wash, dry, and fold — takes time.  There are ways to simplify and speed up the process.

Sort Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until laundry day to sort. Use separate baskets and put your jeans or shirts in the right basket at the end of each day.  Sort by fabric not just color — one thick, heavy item can slow down the drying cycle a lot. Try using a three basket system to separate by weight as well as color. 

Women doing laundryTreat Stains Immediately

Treat stains when they’re fresh. If you’ve already tackled the stain, you’ll be ready to go on laundry day and your clothes will come out cleaner.

Manage Those Socks

Matching socks (and looking for that lost sock that ended up embedded in your sweatshirt or stuck to the side of the dryer) uses up a lot of time.  Try washing all socks together in one of those mesh “delicates” bags.  Clipping each pair together when you put them in the hamper works too.

Know Your Washer and Dryer

Know how long it takes your washer to complete a wash cycle and how much time the dryer needs to dry a full load so you can coordinate washing and drying with less waiting. Does your washer have a “Quick Wash” setting? Use it. Cleaning your dryer regularly can make it more efficient too.

Use a Wash Dry Fold Laundry Service

Still finding laundry day too much of a slog? No amount of laundry tips can make it easier or more fun when you need to be doing something else. Drop your laundry off at the wash dry and fold service and for added efficiency call for laundry pickup and delivery service