How to remove armpit stains

November 25, 2019

Ever notice an unsightly yellow stain on the armpit area of your favorite shirts and tops? You’re not alone; it happens to everyone. Even a tiny amount of sweat can leave stains on certain fabrics. The odor from body sweat can also linger on fabrics, especially workout and running clothes. So, how do you get those nasty armpit stains and odors out of your clothes? Read on to find out.

Why does sweat stain?

Before we get into how to clean armpit stains, it’s essential to understand how they happen. The salt and protein in human sweat leave a solid residue as it dries, causing a yellowing film on your clothes. Certain fabrics or colors make this film more visible than others, and it can even tint the coloring of darker material.

How do I remove sweat stains at home?

Regular laundry detergents don’t usually do the trick when it comes to sweat stains and odor. The best way to remove these types of stains at home is to mix one part of liquid dish soap with two parts hydrogen peroxide and spread it generously over the stains. After soaking the garment in the mixture for about an hour, run it through a regular cycle in your washing machine using your normal detergent.

How can I prevent armpit stains?

To try to avoid having to clean and treat your clothes altogether, make sure you’re allowing your antiperspirant to dry completely before putting on your shirt. Also, look for loose-fitting tops made of cotton, linen, or even wool. These fabrics allow sweat to evaporate more easily.

Even after all this work at prevention and stain treating, you still may find that some armpit stains are just too stubborn to remove yourself. When in doubt, let the experts handle it. A professional dry cleaner is the only way to permanently remove pesky stains for good without risking causing damage to your garments with DIY methods.

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