How to Clean and Store Tablecloths and Table Linens

May 02, 2020

You may not use your tablecloths and special linens very often, but when you are ready to entertain, it’s much easier if they’re easy to find and ready to go. Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready for a gathering or dinner party and realizing you have to spend extra time preparing your linens. Read on for easy tips and information to wash, iron and store your clean tablecloths and linens.

tablecloth and linens on a dinner party tableHow to Wash Table Linens

Fortunately, keeping your table linens clean doesn’t require any unique or expensive supplies or materials. Your regular laundry detergent, washing machine and dryer will suffice. For unknown or delicate fabrics, use a handwash or delicate cycle with cold water. For all other materials, a regular cycle with warm water will be fine. Pretreat stains with stain remover if necessary and tumble dry on low. Linens should be removed immediately and folded in the way you’d like the creases to lay. If desired, iron right before use.

How to Wash Tablecloths

Always check the labels before running your tablecloth through a washing cycle. Some are meant to be hand washed only, and laid flat to dry. However, some materials like cotton and polyester are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle.

How to Store Clean Tablecloths and Linens

After you’ve washed and dried your tablecloths and linens, it’s time to store them until use. A cool, ventilated closet is best for storage, and will prevent musty odors and wrinkles. Fold clean tablecloths in half or quartered, and drape over plastic or wooden hangers. Or store flat in stacks on a shelf. Acid-free tissue paper can be placed in between items if storing flat to prevent discoloring. Place heavier fabrics like placemats on the bottom, with lighter, more delicate materials like napkins on top. Every few months, refold and rearrange linens to prevent creases and wrinkles.

Remember, you can always take your linens and tablecloths to Utopia Cleaners before your big party or better still, use our free laundry pickup service. Just be sure to let our dry cleaner know when you need your items by, and you’ll be ready to go!

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash