How long do drapes, comforters and other household textiles last?

December 11, 2015

The American National Standards Institute, Inc. approved the Fair Claims Guide for Consumer Textile Products. This standard provides the guidelines for determining
liability for claims adjustment purposes for textile products. It also includes the following life expectancy chart for household textile items:

Life Expectancy Table

Item Years
Bedspreads  six years
Blankets – Heavy Wool and Synthetic Fibers  ten years
Blankets – Lightweight  five years
Blankets – Electric  five years
Comforters  five years
Down  five years
 Curtains – Sheer  three years
Curtains – Glass Fiber  three years
 Draperies – Lined  five years
Draperies – Unlined  four years
 Draperies – Sheer  three years
Draperies – Glass Fiber  four years
Sheets and Pillow Cases   two years
Slipcovers   three years
 Table Linen – Fancy  five years
Table Linen – Other  two years
 Towels  three years
 Upholstery Fabrics  five years
Articles Coated or Flocked  two years

How long the items last also depends on selection. Consider the following before purchasing a household product:

  • Will the material be durable?
  • Will the fabric resist stains and soil?
  • Are there any protective coatings of finishes available that will prolong the useful life of the textile?
  • Is the fabric preshrunk?
  • Is the fabric resistant to light, fading or pollution?
  • Do any care instructions come with the purchase? Read all instructions or information before buying the item.

blankets, bedspreads, pillow cases, bedsheets, comfortersProper care will always help prolong the beauty of the household textile. Here
are some basic rules to protect and prolong the beauty of household

  • Protect all furnishings from sunlight, fumes, and pets.
  • Damage, like tears, should be repaired immediately.
  • Vacuum and/or brush to remove dust regularly.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.
  • Do not allow the item to become extremely soiled, and have any stains removed immediately.
  • Clean household textiles before storing.

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