How Do You Clean Crepe Clothing?

April 08, 2022

What is Crepe?

The fabric crepe was originally made from silk and used to mourn the death of a loved one. Today, crepe is more commonly used in garment construction, as it is suitable for all seasons and many different types of occasions. Evening gowns, dresses, linin garments, suiting and curtains, window treatments and pillows are the most common occasions that crepe is used for.

Crepe is typically made from cotton, wool and synthetic fibers such as elastane and polyester, with polyester being the most popular due to its comfortability and wrinkle resistance. The following are characteristics of crepe:

  • Wrinkle-like appearance
  • Breathable, especially in hotter temperatures
  • A great option for warm weather
  • Low heat resistance
  • Provides dimension for garments
  • Great for formal wear and evening gowns due to its beautiful fluid drape
crepe fabric

Care tips for crepe garments

Due to its fiber composition, most crepe garments are “Dryclean Only.” Make sure to always read the garment’s label first before cleaning it at home or taking it to your Boston drycleaner.

Follow these care tips if you are cleaning your crepe garments at home:

  • If the care label says it is safe to wash the garment, handwash the garment with cool water and rinse thoroughly. Handwashing is the safest way to wash crepe.
  • If you prefer to machine wash your garment, turn the garment inside out, place it in a mesh washing bag and then select delicate cycle, cold water and low spin.
  • When you are finished washing your garment, gently press the water out of the garment. Never wring the garment.
  • Make sure to always air dry your garment. Do not tumble dry your garment, as it may result in irreversible damage.
  • Crepe typically wrinkles after being washed and dried. To remove any wrinkles, steam the garment for the best and safest results.
  • Finishing usually requires blocking the fabric to get it back to its original shape.
  • Crepe is extremely susceptible to shrinkage when exposed to moisture. This is especially true for crepes that contain wool, silk or rayon. Home stain removal on crepe garments may also result in localized shrinkage. If your garment has stains on it, gently treat them with a proven stain solution or wash & stain bar.
  • To freshen up the garment between wears, you can use a delicate fabric spritz.
  • If storing the garment, make sure it is clean and then put it in a breathable cotton storage bag.

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