Dry cleaning kills bed bugs

August 02, 2019

Bed bugs have grown to be a problem in many parts of the country. Boston is no exception. A recent report ranks Boston as the 10th most bed bug-infested cities in 2019. Bedbugs are small nuisance insects that feed both on human and animal blood. In favorable conditions, they flourish and multiply quickly within a short period of time. Bed bugs have been found in homes, hotels, cruise ships, and dormitories. They may hide in the cracks and crevices of beds and dressers, or they may be found crawling over bed linens, sheets, comforters, throws, and even clothes. 

bed bugs on mattress

What can you do if you find bed bugs on your clothing or bed linens?  How do you get rid of them?  You can bring them to your trusted dry cleaner.  Dry cleaning exposes bedbugs to high temperatures, killing them in the process. With high temperatures in the dry cleaning machine of around 104 to 122 Fahrenheit, bedbugs cannot survive. Wet cleaning at very high temperatures also kills bed bugs.

When taking bedbug-infested clothes to the dry cleaner, make sure that they are placed in different bags from your other laundry.  You should also indicate that bedbugs may have infected your garments, so that they, too, will take care to separate the infested garments from those of other customers.

Although dry cleaning removes bed bugs from your clothing and linens, your home may already be infested with bed bugs. It is important to call a professional bed bug control company to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs from your home. Otherwise, your clothing and linens will become infested again.

Cornell University has a good resource about bed bugs. It may be worthwhile reading it if you have a serious bed bug problem! 

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