Clothing Damage – Watch Where You (Hair) Spray

October 14, 2016

hair spray can cause color loss on your clothingBe careful of what hair care products you are using, especially if you have long hair. You may be damaging your clothing.

For example, sometimes after cleaning, a mysterious color loss appears on the garment that seems to have no explanation.

Usually, this color loss or color change is localized in the neckline, shoulder or back area of the garment. It appears as a white, cream, pink, or yellowish fading in these areas. Depending on the original color of the fabric, the color change could appear as other shades.

This type of color loss develops when some of the chemicals from a permanent wave solution or similar hair care product come into contact with the fabric during consumer use. Many of these hair care products contain oxidizing agents that may eventually cause color loss on fabrics. The staining may not be visible at first, showing up after a period of time, because these styling products often are colorless when the solution contacts the fabric. The discoloration is accelerated by the heat of cleaning and pressing, and after subsequent cleanings it may become noticeable.

Of course, the only sure means of prevention is to protect the clothing from contact with these chemicals in the first place. But if we are informed beforehand that there may be some hair care solutions on the fabric and of their general location, the area can be identified upon close examination. Then the staining can be treated prior to cleaning, thus possibly reducing the color damage. Once the color loss develops on a fabric, though, there is no restoration.  When in doubt, call Utopia Cleaners at 617-695-3778 for our wash and fold or dry cleaning service.  Save time by scheduling a free pickup and delivery service with us.  We’ll take care of your clothing for you!