How to Care for Polar Fleece Clothing

November 13, 2019

girl wearing fleece sweater

With autumn upon us and temperatures dropping, people are adding an extra layer of clothing in the morning as they prepare for their morning commutes — outerwear. A popular type of outerwear is polar fleece. Polar fleece fabrics are made of a knit construction with a brushed or napped finish.

Because of the nature of the fabric construction, garments made from this fabric have a tendency to pill during wear and handling. No matter what care procedure is recommended— dry cleaning or washing—clean polar fleece in a net bag to minimize further pilling.  Generally speaking, it is a good idea to wash your fleece garment in cold water on the hand wash or delicate cycle.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.  It’s best to air dry, but tumble dry LOW is usually fine.  Do not iron your fleece garment.  Instead, to smooth the nap and improve the appearance of the garment after cleaning, you can use a soft brush to finish.

When in doubt, bring your polar fleece garment to your Boston dry cleaner at Utopia Cleaners.  We are always here to help you look your best!