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November 2014

Home Laundry is Harder than it Looks

November 16, 2014

One of the world’s biggest soap manufacturers, Procter & Gamble, says people do their laundry improperly by not sorting loads, overloading machines, and washing clothes too often. People spend more time doing wash now than 50 years ago, but research shows the clothes are coming out less clean and more worn than elsewhere in the

Back To School Tips for Clothing Care

November 11, 2014

In Boston, getting ready for another year of school almost always calls for at least one shopping trip. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or college student you’ve got some looking good to do this year. The most important thing for students is to be comfortable in what they’re wearing. That allows the mind to focus

Special Care for Silk and Rayon

November 03, 2014

Silk and rayon are two widely used fibers in men’s and women’s apparel. In today’s markets, these fabrics can be seen in high-end designer wear, as well as casual wear. Both fibers may be dyed various colors, from the darkest black to brilliant reds, fuchsia, and yellow. Follow the tips below to make sure your

Putting winter clothes in storage

November 01, 2014

Now that Spring is here, it’s time to pack away the wool coats, furs, leather jackets, sweaters, gloves and hats that have protected us through this long snowy winter. But wait a minute! Before you put your off-season garments in storage, you should clean them first! Particles left on your winter clothing can stain and