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September 2013

Get with the Program: Recycle Your Hangers

September 29, 2013

If you are a frequent drycleaning customer, you may have more hangers in your closet than you know what to do with. Rather than throw out the ones you are not reusing, why not recycle them by returning them to us? More than just freeing up closet space, recycling hangers is good for the environment

The Twelve Holiday Parties: Holiday Spills and Splashes (Part IV)

September 03, 2013

Before the tenth holiday party, my neighbor said to me, “Don’t wear your gold lame cocktail dress to a crowded party in a hot room.” What’s so bad about that? Answer: Partygoers need to be particularly careful of metallic fabric that can corrode if exposed to moisture. To prevent dampness to lame and other metallics,